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A Visionary Gateway Gold Course

Peaceful Parenting

This is a unique course that focuses on equipping parents with tools to connect with their child and build a stronger relationship. 

It addresses parenting from a global perspective together with Islamic principles and practices of peaceful parenting.  Some of the examples will be about younger children, however many of the techniques & strategies will be directly applicable to teenagers.

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Time: 2.5 Hrs


Level: Any

Course Introduction

From Dr Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar

About the Instructor - Dr Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar

Dr. Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar, is an International speaker, trainer, researcher, Imam, counsellor and author who specialises in Education, Leadership and Islamic Finance. He lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 years of which he spent 6 years in Madinah. He studied Islam with scholars of Madinah.

He has also taught classes inside Masjid An-Nabawi.

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Testimonials From Other Students

Heading 1

Course Introduction

Heading 1

Heading 1

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

More about the Course

No parent is perfect but we try our best. When you commit yourself to regulating your own emotions, connecting with your child, and coaching instead of controlling, your heart will be at ease leading to a more peaceful home. Various practical suggestions and activities are provided in this course. These are tried and tested techniques that will make you a more robust parent, In sha Allah. Ultimately turning these teens into an asset in this Dunya and an investment for the Hereafter.

Our Course Contains So much more!

Here at Visionary Gateway we don't like leaving you with the bare minimum, that's why we have interactive Quizzes after every Module and an Exam towards the end of the Course! This ensures that you are benefitting and enjoying our course the way it should be! We also provide you with unique course materials and resources designed by the course instructors themselves so that you can maximize your Productivity.



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Course Curriculum

Module 1 

What is our purpose in life

Downloadable Resources

Quiz 1

Module 2

Children and Wealth are a trial

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Quiz 2

Module 3

Five Key principles if Islamic Parenting

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Quiz 3

Module 4 

Top three dont's

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Quiz 4

Module 5

Practical Tips & Advice

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Quiz 5

Module 6

The power of the parent's DUA + Summary and Conclusion

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Quiz 6 + Final Exam and Certification

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